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Nervous before an audition? Here's how to handle nerves. Fast.

Ever wanted to be instantly confident in an audition?

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Have you ever experienced unhelpful nerves during an audition? And yet you were totally relaxed performing at home?

Or have you ever made yourself do well, but ended up pushing too hard?

Me too...This used to happen to me a lot.  I used to get such bad feedback from my agent after auditions - it was embarrassing...and the results?...very little work or not the kind I wanted.  So, I started to look for answers. All I knew was the answer probably lay inside my mind. It had to be something I was doing, I mean I was the person going into the room, right?

So I started to look into human psychology...I read everything I could about the human mind - I watched videos, went on courses, listened to tape recordings, everything I could get my hands on..

...and eventually I stumbled upon a weird little book about NLP called Frogs into Princes (by the way - a very good read) It was all about how to use your imagination to improve results...I found it fascinating...and I thought, using your imagination? That's what actors do for a living, isn't it?

One of the things I learned was this...

In NLP there is a metaphor that “Your Brain is like a Computer”  I learned the programs we run inside our minds affect our behaviors and our behaviors determine our results...

Boom! Got me, I so wanted to try this out - if I could change my behaviours could I change my results?

So I gave it a whirl...I started applying some of these ideas and after a short period of time, I landed a role on the movie “Alexander” Directed by Oliver Stone, starring Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie!

I was elated! - after that I used these new skills in every audition after and as a result I have worked on “The Tudors”, “The Iron Lady”,(With Meryl Streep) “Hatfield’s and McCoys” (Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton) and “Da Vinci’s Demons” written and directed by David S Goyer (Batman trilogy, Superman - Man Of Steel.) 

At I believe...

Actors improve performances fast by running more positive scripts inside our minds - we need to upgrade our inner software!

Scientists say we use just 5% of our brains capabilities and by that I mean the conscious capabilities...What would happen if we could use our unconscious mind as well - that’s an extra 95% of capabilities - for free!  How do you think your results would improve if you could use 100% of your capabilities?


So, how does it work?

In our mind we run patterns of behaviour at the unconscious level. We have patterns for everything, making the tea, getting out of bed, making love, reading a book, doing bad auditions...

pattern is a sequence of behaviours. One action triggers the next, and so on...

A Pattern for A Negative Acting Audition Might Look And Feel Like This :- 

Get call from agent, feel excited, start to panic at life changing possibility, hear negative voice inside mind, tell self "I am a failure", arrive nervously at audition feeling anxious, notice script shaking, feel bad, beat self up - fail! Repeat.

A Pattern for A Positive Acting Audition Might Look And Feel Like This :- 

Get call from agent, feel excited about new opportunity, immediately prepare mind for success, feel good about how far I’ve come, arrive feeling relaxed and in the zone, feel confident as I create even more positive feelings, read and perform well in front of a group of strangers - relaxed inside my self - knowing deep down I feel certain and confident of the outcome and know that my future is safe and secure and filled with astonishingly good feelings for ever...

At I believe Actors MUST reclaim their power but only if they want more success and more confidence fast and...for  FREE!

Sign up for my FREE NLP For Actors 21 Day Video Training Course - change YOUR life - NOW - It will transform your career as an actor. For ever.

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