How To Nail An Acting Audition

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Yeh, well me too...That used to happen to me a lot.  I used to get such bad feedback from my agent after my acting auditions - it was embarrassing...and my results?  So, I started to look for some kind of an answer - I had too - Trouble was I knew the answer probably was something to do with me.  I mean I was the person going into the room, right?

So I started to look into my brain, into performance psychology...I read everything I could about the mind and body - I watched videos, went on courses, listened to tape recordings, everything I could get my hands on...anything to improve my auditions...and eventually I stumbled upon a weird little book...

It was all about how to use your imagination to improve results...I thought that's what actors do for a living!? I dream, imagine all day long, don't you? So I started applying some of these ideas and pretty soon - don't get me wrong it was NOT overnight, there was some work to do, and I did need to change things - I landed a role on the movie “Alexander” Directed by Oliver Stone, starring Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie! (this did take time - but once I'd mastered a few basics - things snapped into place)

I was blown away - I've used these skills in every audition since and as a result I have landed work on “The Tudors”, “The Iron Lady”,(With Meryl Streep) “Hatfield’s and McCoys” (Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton) and “Da Vinci’s Demons” written and directed by David S Goyer (Batman trilogy, Superman - Man Of Steel.)

I believe actors give their best acting performances in auditions when they create positive expectations inside their minds - and to do that you just need to upgrade the software in your own mind.

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Here is the best place to discover some really cool acting audition-secrets straight from the horses mouth. Some may even surprise you - I don't know exactly when they will surprise you but they will surprise you.

You see the more you understand about auditioning confidently the greater your power as an actor will become and continue to grow and develop.

The more you develop your confidence as an actor the more you get quality work. Any questions - anything at all and you can write to me straight to my desk here.

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