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A few easy acting-tips...

  1. You need an unstoppable drive. If you're not sure how to develop this...ask yourself inside. "How best can I develop and increase my determination even when things get tough....?" Listen and follow your intuitions advice..
  2. You need humility - without it you will never be able to open up to the lessons that life is offering you. Open up to life - hear - appreciate - enjoy.
  3. You need to have "a good ear" as an actor, you need to really listen to what people say and how they say it - you need to be able to open up to receiving the precise sounds people make - but more than that you need to develop a "feel" for language...
  4. You need to be a "pleasant pain in the ass..." Huh? What does that mean...Tenacious, focussed and determined...but always pleasant. People want to work with people they get on with. People employ people they KLT - Know Like and Trust. Become one.
  5. Time is money in this business - no time for show offs and time wasters - or egos. Leave "your issues" at to work:-)
  6. Develop a sense of humour to deal with the hassle that is out there. And boy will you need a ton of that...ha ha ha...x
  7. Learn to love and handle rejection. It's one door closes, another one opens...all the way...Learn some acting 101 right here - genuine acting-tips.

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More Quality Acting-Tips

  • Perfect your craft. The more skills you master the greater your chance of success. You can easily learn about method-acting here.
  • As an actor you must know how to take a character from a script and inhabit that character in your own unique way.
  • You can learn a great deal by watching people. Really relax and enjoy your observational time. Imagine being them...
  • Go out and spend the day at a park or mall and just observe how people act throughout the day. 
  • Watch for things such as hand movements, eyes, and the way they interact with others and take note of the characteristics that truly strike you, even if they seem a bit odd....especially if they seem a bit odd.
  • Then walk about inside the feeling of your chosen character - learn to inhabit, become, absorb...for me it always starts with the feet. Get inside their shoes.

Understanding Human Body Language - Acting-Tips

We know now from Neuro Science that human beings communicate mostly with their bodies.

In fact statistically it breaks down like this...

  • Body Language - 55%
  • Voice Tonality - 38%
  • The words - 7%

So now you can see why body language is so important. These are the most underestimated acting tips of all. Imagine that once again - if we communicate more with our bodies and the tone of our voice than the words themselves. Where should your focus be in a scene...? Keep that in mind.

Everyone speaks with body language, some people slouch, others are stiff, and others have a swing in their step or smile and laugh in a particular way.

What’s been your reaction to seeing those things? How does it make you feel? Observe it, catalogue it, make sure you use it.  Walk about adopting the body and mannerisms of your new character...

Just starting out? Why not read "Breaking into acting for dummies"
A fun and easy to follow break down of the acting world...

The Hawk And The Hoover

"Gaze Out Like a hawk, Suck In like a hoover". ND

"Watch human beings, suck in their behaviors"

If you can study someone long enough, you can become them. Use the power of your imagination to model people, walk the way they do, sound the way they do, feel the way they do and do it deep - deep inside your neurology.

Always consider "Status" in a scene

Key ingredient to any good acting technique. Most of human interaction can be broken down into the changing nature of status.

During the course of a conversation, a person's status may change from high to low, and back again, depending on the nature of the conversation. Generally people are trying to raise, lower or level someone else's status. Don't take my word for it - listen out for it - hear it - notice it...

Voice Quality

Take note of the quality of your voice. Is it clear and confident or low and quavering? What does that tell you about someone?

Confident, wary, shy, bossy...what? These ideas determine your status in a scene, and establish your position and goals within it.

Beginning Acting? - Click for more info...

Acting-Tips - Acting Exercise:

Powerful acting-tips. You and your partner take a card each from a deck of regular playing cards.

Do not share the number you have. Face cards (KQJ) count as 10. Ace is 1.

Begin a scene you are working on. The higher your number, the higher status you should play. Play the scene full out inhabiting the number you chose.

Once the scene is finished, compare numbers to see how accurate you have been.

I use this all the time, it was taught to me by director Max Stafford-Clark. Get stuck? This will loosen you up instantly...If you need more acting-tips, then try this tape set for use in scene study, it allows your inner mind to come up with all kinds of amazing solutions and expands your skills.

Using Movies

Watching a few of your favorite movies can give you pointers to perfect your acting skills. Model the actors you like, what do they do, how do they move, step into their bodies and model and become them. Keep watching and studying the more you learn, the more you’ll earn, that's great acting-tips for you. If you are beginning acting click here.

Acting For The Camera

Here's a great page about acting for the camera, you can learn about off-camera acting as well right here - make sure you give yourself all the information you need to support yourself on set. Be prepared. Understand about camera set ups here and are you confused by all that on-set jargon - get clear now.

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