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Here is a small selection of testimonials-for-Nick-Dunning I have received recently. As you can see some are video, some are from Facebook and some are from emails. I love hearing from you guys - you can always contact me at : This Address

Aidan MacArdle - Testimonial for Nick Dunning

Helen Millar - Testimonial

Katie Sheridan - Testimonial for Nick Dunning

Dominic Moore - Testimonial

Andie McCaffrey Byrne - Testimonial

Thank you Nick Dunning from Andie McCaffrey Byrne on Vimeo.

Melanie Gray - Testimonial

Lesa Thurman Russell - Testimonial

Lesa Thurman Russell - Testimonial for Nick Dunning of Peak Performance For Actors.com

Sophie Robinson - Testimonial

Written Testimonials-For-Nick-Dunning

Day 1 of NLP For Actors - The Launch

"Thanks Nick....

It's weird, you - I mean I, almost don't want to talk about it, for fear that- that will make it loose its power! V simple, v subtle but v powerful, I think! Felt kind of giddy after watching it this morning. Once it's there, it's there or something now. + in no contrived way -I did a lot of positive stuff since watching part 1. Feel like I've opened the blinds a bit.

...It's pretty amazing you would put something like that up on line

Much appreciated

All the best

Rory Lonergan"

More Testimonials-For-Nick-Dunning

These testimonials-for-Nick-Dunning have been sent in by actors who have enjoyed working with me - and I have to say - I love doing this kind of work. I love coaching actor and seeing them achieve greater and greater results and levels of satisfaction in their lives as actors... They have given these testimonials-for-nick-dunning because they believe the work to be beneficial in increasing their levels of confidence, freedom and relaxation and also general levels of skill and enjoyment have raised considerably. An added benefit is they feel better inside themselves and say their lives have improved all round :-)

And this on Day 2 - Thanks Amy Potter

Nick Dunning NLP For Actors

Day 3 - NLP For Actors

Nick Dunning NLP For Actors

Day 4 - NLP For Actors

Nick Dunning NLP For Actors

Day 5 - Elva gets cast in Ripper Street. BBC

Nick Dunning NLP For Actors

Day 6 - Emer gets gig in Waterford PLUS an Ad!

Audition Enjoyment from Andie McCaffrey Byrne

Facebook Testimonials
love hearing from you guys - thanks a million.

Out of the blue from Tanya Katarina

Nick Dunning NLP For Actors

Teaching and Coaching Testimonials

Nick Dunning Testimonial

More testimonials-for-nick-dunning...

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your work with us in the Factory last week.

I thought I would let you know I used some things that you taught us the next day in an audition. Tomorrow I will be on my first professional film job filming a scene with the wonderful Juliette Binoche.

Thanks again for you help and keep up the great work. It is a real gift to those of us starting out.


Stephen James Mullan


Now you have to read the letter Stephen sent me after he shot the movie - to me this what it is all about. x Nick My favourite Testimonials-for-nick-dunning.


"Thank you, Nick Dunning for giving us so much useful information today at The Factory. Tip of the Tongue, Peripheral Vision, and Moving and Changing the Tone of Your Inner Critic, to name a few, are tools I will use from now on on auditions, and how to stay focused on set, as well. Nick is an artist who is proof this process works, it is attainable by any actor, regardless of their experience."

Lesa Thurman Russell

More Nice Testimonials-for-nick-dunning

Nick Dunning Testimonials

Some more Testimonials-for-nick-dunning...

"It was wonderful for the actors from the Factory to do a workshop with Nick Dunning. The feedback was tremendous, he spoke their language and instinctively knew what guidance they needed."

Kirsten Sheridan - Oscar Nominated Film Director.

Kirsten's IMDB page

"Nick Dunning's workshop with The Factory Actors was a revelation to them. They
were completely inspired by his passion and wisdom accumulated through years of practical working experience. They can't wait to have him back again!"

Shimmy Marcus. Film Director.

Shimmy's IMDB page

Shimmy Marcus - multi award winning filmmaker. In 1999 he won the Miramax Script Writing Award for his feature script 'Headrush' which he directed. The film won a variety of International awards including Best Feature at festivals in Michigan, New York, and the Braunschweig Film Festival in Germany.

Testimonials from The Factory

Testimonials-for-Nick Dunning

These testimonials are from a few of the guys I worked with at The Factory, Irelands premier Film school. 

Hi Laura,

I found Nick to be very engaging, and generous in his words. He was extremely encouraging yet straight talking about the craft of acting. A joy to listen to.


Eva-Jane Gaffney

I attended a talk with Nick Dunning and I found I learned a lot from listening to him speaking about his experiences as an actor. He made everyone feel very comfortable and had plenty of time to answer any questions the group had. He taught us a couple of his own tricks that he uses to focus himself on set which was very beneficial and took time out to talk about the auditioning process as well. The time spent talking about auditioning was very useful as we had a lot of questions on that topic and he helped us with anything we wanted to know about.

Brian Gleeson
"I found Nick Dunning to be a very witty and intelligent speaker. He spoke succintly about how having respect and diligence for the craft reaps rewards for the actor. We all came away having learnt something!"

Steve Wall

Hi Laura, I found the session with Nick to be really helpful. He was really open and forthcoming and it's always great to hear the techniques that another actor uses to get into the zone, how they prepare for an audition and a role. It's an invaluable opportunity to sit in a room with an experiencd actor and have your questions answered.

Paddy Gibson "The talk from Nick was great! Really clear and learnt a lot."

Laura MacNaughton General Manager

The Factory P: +353 (01) 4306964F: (01) 4306563


More Testimonials - What some people said about my last book…

“Easy to read format – not too much information on each page. Looked a little cheesy at first, but when I started reading it sounded better and better. By exploring the site, I have found a ton of information, it is not just hints and alluding to how great this system is, so buy it and see… There is info I can use without paying a cent. This makes the site seem credible. Recommend? Yep. Totally.”James, London.

“…I most like the valuable information and the positive attitude displayed by Nick. At first I thought it was bit low budget but I was anticipating entering a new world of ideas… The more I read, the more I learned. I like the opportunity to connect with Nick and get expert advice.First Name: Ernesto…

”Nick provides a lot of good tips in a concise style. It’s an easy and fast read and I’m sure that’s a plus for everyone these days. I thought that only “teasers” would be provided. You know…where a long lead-in is provided only to build-up to “You’ll find all the secrets on doing this on page XX of my special report!” But to my pleasant surprise, Nick gives away some good info for free!Susan.

Nick, I’m working on my first screenplay. I really appreciate the emails and info. My finances are just really tight right now, but when things turn around, I plan to support your site by purchasing some of your books and services. God bless.First Name: Dan…

”‘There’s a lot of nonsense on offer out there…on the web, in books and from various self-styled consultants. So beware! I came to Nick because he focusses right in on the things that matter. Bouncing ideas off him has been a great experience and the years he’s spent on film and TV sets, as well as his own success, all add an insider’s knowledge to what he says…’First Name Dan..‘I’m a professor of screen and media studies who has written three books and taught in Scotland, Brazil, Northern Ireland and New Zealand’.…

”The information. It is very helpful. I was thinking should I continue to sit in the dark and allow my dream to die. My perceptions changed when I browsed the internet and saw your web site. I started realizing that if I apply myself to the lessons learned, I can make my dream come alive…”First Name: Gigi…

”Dear Nick, I love you. Your site is beyond helpful. I ordered one of your books, and I am looking forward to reading it so much. I have just begun to indulge this long time bottled up passion. I thank you for being so generous with your knowledge. It has been most helpful to me as I start on this new journey!Sincerely,Jessica Smith

PS. Feel free to use this on your site, and know that it is most sincerely meant.

First Name: Jessica…

”I find very bright and simple advice. First I thought – just another site trying to make a buck, but the advice is real and actually usable. I recommend it – definitely.”

First Name: Sundae…

”As a beginner I can always use the help that you provide. At first I felt… Here we go again! Now I am glad that someone with expertise would take the time to help another with lesser abilities. 3 things I learned – 1. Never give up. 2. Realize help is available. 3. Dreams do come true if you work hard enough. Thank you.

First Name: john…

”I like the email tips. At first I didn’t know what to expect – wondered who you were, why I should believe you. Now, I think you have solid perceptions and good advice to offer. I like the resource links. The option to get advice.The email tips/newsletter. Good luck to you – and thanks!”

First Name: Lisa…

”…there is great, diverse information on any subject you have a question about. It was very confusing to get started. Best benefits are – Consistent email, structured website when I have questions and various books and information. Would I recommend it? Definitely! I really like to get free help, which you do very well. I have ordered a few things at cost also, but do enjoy the free items…”

First Name: Michele…

”… well presented and informative. I was optimistic at first, though I was in good hands. My perceptions have been correct. I like the involvement with a professional even though it is from a distance, little gems which have proved to be a big help and the regular bulletins. Thanks…”

First Name: Stephen…

Here are a few more Testimonials-for-nick-dunning...

” In the beginning, I was leary due to criticism but now my confidence has boosted. I’m now looking in a new light. I love the stuff on Characterization…”First Name: Steven…

”Really easy to use and great tips. Before I started I thought it will be just a site promoting books etc; I’ll probably get lots of unwanted emails – best of all I don’t get unwanted emails. Good quality, useful tips for someone who has just started; new ideas…”First Name: amy

“…I like the up to date information- a friendly easy to digest informative place…I used to think acting was simple, now I know it takes work – and diligence, but there is help and support. You can do anything you put your mind to if you aren’t afraid to ask for assistance, there are people who still care about helping others get a leg up in this industry, Information is available if you know where to look. Recommend you? You bet! I’ve enjoyed reading and learning from your posts…”First Name: Billie

Thanks for the Testimonials-for-nick-dunning guys, please spread the word. If you'd like to add a Testimonials-for-nick-dunning please contact me at the site.

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